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The Secret Breath + Stretch Society
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About Me

Hi, I’m Katharine and as you may have already read on the parent information brand website ( my journey started 8 years ago when I had a freak accident and ended up with what the neurologists called a ‘significant brain injury’ and long-term concussion. I swore the day I was well enough, I would train in all the things that helped get me better, so I could help others to thrive rather than simply survive regardless of what life throws at them.

Like A Fish In Water - and now this private network The Secret Breath + Stretch Society - is the result of what happened next. I have trained in everything that I found helped me and my bruised brain– holistic massage,  yoga, gong and sound healing, meditation, yoga for mastering the addictive and anxious personality, pranayama and breath work – and all with the very best teachers I could find for each. Whilst holding down my full time corporate job I even took (and actually passed!) an anatomy diploma – me, the girl that at one stage thought and was told she was ‘done’ and may never read again. Proof that with the right attitude and tools, anything truly is possible. And I hope that everything you read, watch, experience and share as a member of this community, you'll find that anything is possible for you too.

Why You Should Join Me

If you have even the slightest fascination in wellness (whether it's eating or reading well, to meditation, yoga and breathwork); you would like a safe, stress free community and portal which you can happily scroll without the less positive sides of traditional social media; as well as a place to learn about live yoga, breath + stretch classes and gong baths, this could well be a place and space for you.  Do as much or as little as you want. The only requirement is an open, positive heart and mind.

A Big Thanks

To all those members who have already joined, especially to Clare who gave me the idea in the first place. As well as my teachers and mentors, especially Kwali Kumara, Carolyn Cowan and Moses Chundri. To whom I will always be eternally grateful xx

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